Enjoy delicious food in Hotel Traube: in a relaxing atmosphere, with exclusive, through to satisfyingly stable, well cooked meals.

Our tip is to tickle your taste-buds, seated in comfort, by a tiled, heated stove in Allgäu.

Our beautiful restaurant mirrors a successful combination of traditional and modern style furnishings. Alpine ambient meets elegant designer elements to create a feel-good hospitality. Much light coloured wood and a selection of warm tones complete the picture and add to your feeling of well-being.

Experience entertaining evenings and dine on either exclusive or hearty meals from our famously superb kitchen. Allow world-wide specialities or popular local dishes to melt in your mouth.

We are painstakingly careful to use only fresh and where possible, local produce in the preparation of your delicious dishes.

Our head-chef, Georg Höfling, has been delighting our guests since 1980 with an amazing repertoire of fantastic fare. Our extensive menu offers a choice between solid Bavarian dishes through to gourmet-level specialities.

A good place to be on a cold winter’s day is next to our tiled, wood burning stove for a memorable holiday moment. Enhance your vocational pleasure with a visit to our restaurant in Allgäu.